Agriculture Training Programs


United States Agriculture Training Programs have a large selection of categories from which you can choose from including crops, dairy and livestock production. Whether you are looking to work on a small family farm, or want to gain experience with a large farming operation, an Agriculture Training Program is a great way to gain hands-on experience and learn about the agriculture industry in the USA.

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Beekeeping Training Program

Beekeeping Training Program

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Through a Beekeeping Training Program, you will gain hands-on experience working with beehives. Bees are an important aspect of agriculture and you will learn how pollination is used to keep the agriculture industry alive. As a Beekeeping Training participant, you will learn about the different uses of bees, honey production, beehive nutrition, and the movement of bees.
Cattle Management Training Program

Cattle Management Training Program

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As a Cattle Training Program participant, you will gain hands-on experience in a cattle operation, including calving and weaning to breeding and forage preparation. Working closely with your host, you will learn about herd health management and pasture management.
Custom Harvesting Training Program

Custom Harvesting Training Program

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Work across America’s heartland operating “Big Iron” from the Southern States all the way up to the Canadian border. This Agriculture Training Program generally includes opportunities to field test the newest combines and headers. Get exposed to large custom harvesting program operations, and learn the most efficient custom harvesting methods, general maintenance skills, and marketing of custom harvesting crops.
Dairy Farm Training Program

Dairy Training Program

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Dairy Training Programs generally take place in Wisconsin, which is known as “The Dairy State.” Other placements exist in California, Minnesota, North and South Dakota as well. Gain experience on some of the most progressive dairy farms in the United States. Participants have an opportunity to learn from a wide range of activities from herd care to dairy marketing.
Field Crops Training Program

Field Crops Training Program

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Our Field Crops Training Programs will give you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in field crops seeds, fertilizer, and harvest. Many of our Field Crops Training Programs will give you the opportunity to use farm machinery and some of the latest farming technologies. As a participant, your program may include learning about field crops protection decisions, weed identification, marketing of field crops, maintenance and repair of field crops farm machinery, harvesting and drying of field crops, and GPS training.
Pig Farm Training Program

Pig Farm Training Program

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Pig Farm Training Program participants are involved in care of pigs, the pigs feed rations and nutrition, environmental controls, health monitoring and veterinary care. As a Pig Farm Training participant, you will work closely with the animals to ensure their health and well-being. Through this training, you will gain a full understanding of the time and commitment that goes into the business of raising pigs.

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