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Turf Management Training Program

Turf Management Training Program

Through a CAEP turf management training program, you have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in seeding, top dressing, irrigation, pest and insect control, fertilization mowing, turf grass establishment/renovation, bunker maintenance, course setup, and equipment maintenance.

By participating in one of our turf management programs, you will be able to strengthen your existing skills while learning new techniques that will help you feel more confident and prepared for the future. These accomplishments could never be acquired in the classroom alone, as they are the direct result of the one-on-one training between CAEP hosts and participant.

Turf Management Training Program Details

CAEP’s turf management program the participant will get the opportunity to be placed at some of the premier golf courses in the world. As an exchange visitor, you will have the opportunity to train with some of the top professionals using some of the best technology available in the world. CAEP hosts are very passionate about the turf industry and set very high standards for the program by encouraging exchange visitors to participate in activities involved with golf course and sports turf activities. Turf management program placements tend to be quite demanding and require that the participant have both practical experience working at a golf course and also an academic background in turf management.

Program Availability:

6-12 month placements


Some of the skills learned on a turf management training program may include:

  • Seeding
  • Top dressing
  • Irrigation
  • Pest and insect control
  • Fertilization
  • Mowing
  • Turf grass establishment/renovation
  • Bunker maintenance
  • Course setup
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