From Kenya to Minnesota, Meet CAEP Agriculture Trainee Joab Osoti

Joab Malanda Osotsi traveled to the United States from Kenya this past January. Read on to learn more about his experience on his CAEP agriculture training program:

“I am training at Pipestone System which specializes in Swine production in the Midwest. I am gaining hands-on training and learning about modern agriculture production.

A typical day on the farm involves me waking up at 5:00 AM and punching in at 6:00 AM. My training is still an ongoing process but so far I have learned a lot in terms of gestation, pregnancy diagnosis, biosecurity, safety, feeding, environmental control, hygiene, farrowing, care of feeder pigs, farm operations, and herd health management.

Kenya is a country where several interventions in the agriculture sector have been witnessed but with surprisingly limited positive results. Kenya’s agriculture is not developed like it is in the USA. Farming in Kenya depends on season and is quite affected by the erratic weather. The end product in the USA sector is highly exported in the outside international markets unlike in Kenya where the product is consumed locally. The pig industry in Kenya is at a crossroad as we move into a state of rapid urbanization, increasing demands of high- quality pork products, and the shift from over-reliance of beef as the main source of protein. The ever-fluctuating supply and inconsistent quality of pork products in Kenya is the reason to seek more sustainable production systems capable of ensuring stability and increased value to the farmers. I went to Egerton University-Kenya and studied Animal Health and graduated in December 2010.I am a practicing Parra-Veterinarian in Kenya.

I chose to pursue a CAEP program to gain more skills and knowledge to become a transformative change agent in Kenya’s swine industry. US agriculture is coveted as the most advanced in the world. I work as a farm manager back in Kenya and I needed a broader understanding of farm management skills, especially from a first world nation.

I arrived during the unforgiving bitter winter when it was really snowing. Back in Kenya, we were in a drought. My mind had to switch within 24 hours and cooperate with the harsh winter. The snow is my favorite because in Kenya we don’t experience it. Minnesota is a unique climate to me.

The people in the USA are kind-hearted and ready to help. What surprised me is the art of infrastructure development.Every small living area is literally considered a city. In Kenya, we only have three cities. I love seeing the large tracks of land (hundreds and hundreds of acres), people farming with GPS tractors and all of the other field work. Indeed agriculture is my favorite part about the US.  America is the land of opportunity.

The CAEP program has opened my eyes. I now have a new insight and perspective of what modern agriculture really means. CAEP gives you an opportunity to experience modern agriculture along with gaining hands-on training. You will have new skills that will help make changes back in your home country. I would positively recommend someone for this program.”



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