Vietnamese Horticulture Trainee Celebrates New Year’s Eve in Small-Town America

New Year's EveLong Tran, a horticulture trainee from Vietnam, spent his New Year’s Eve at the one and only Walleye Drop in Port Clinton, Ohio. “I experienced life in small-town America near one of the five Great Lakes of the North- Lake Erie. They had a special small-town community festival,” Tran shared. “Many people were there dancing, eating, and celebrating. Everybody counted down from 10 to 1 and then sang the Happy New Year Song. They even had a special fireworks display over Lake Erie and that was perfect for me! I loved it, and I will never forget my first American New Years!”

“New Year’s Eve in Vietnam is very different than New Years Eve in America. In Vietnam, we call it Tet holiday. Tet is an important festival in Vietnam. Vietnamese families gather together and share a lot of things both fun and sad. Together, families gain strength from solidarity. Gifts are also given during the Tet holiday. Adults give children money for good luck. But New Year’s Eve in America is much different. There is more dancing, fireworks, and partying with friends instead of just with family. It made me very happy and I enjoyed spending New Years Eve in America. I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity.”
“I have enjoyed my time in small-town America. It is very beautiful. People are very kind, and they have showed and taught me about their culture. They are kind and I have enjoyed it. The New Year’s Eve celebration in Port Clinton, Ohio was very fun as many people from surrounding small towns came.”


About the Walleye Drop Festival in Port Clinton, Ohio

“For the past 20 years, thousands have braved the cold and gathered for hours, in waiting for the”Madness at Midnight” Walleye Drop. Port Clinton is the “Walleye Capital of the World,” so what else would they do on New Year’s Eve but drop a 20-foot, 600-pound walleye from the sky at the stroke of Midnight! The small town USA energetically promotes the celebration through the participation of local businesses. Restaurants prepare Walleye specialties such as Walleye Chowder, Walleye Sandwiches, Walleye Cinnamon Chips, and Walleye Popcorn. A local Winery has even created a “Walleye White” wine to honor the city’s Walleye Fame. Recognizing the momentum of Port Clinton’s “Madness at Midnight,” (


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