Meet CAEP Enology Trainee, Bruno Baricelli!


As we approach the end of harvest, we caught up with CAEP enology trainee Bruno Baricelli about his experience training at Ramey Wine Cellars in Healdsburg California. After graduating with a degree in agronomy from the University of São Paulo, Bruno knew California was just the place to gain the experience he needed in the wine industry! Read on to learn more about Bruno’s experience.

Tell me about your host winery you trained at?

Ramey is a really nice place to work. We work with different grape varieties and we make really good wine. The work is well organized and we have a nice work environment. We have also taken part of winemaking seminars at Ramey and have toured other vineyards as well.


What were some of your responsibilities at the winery?

Basically we interns were in charge of all the cellar operations. From the grape receiving to the barrel down operation, we have worked every day doing pump-overs and moving wine. We were also in charge of the cleaning operations for the cellars

(press lines, pumps, floors, etc.).


What are some of the most valuable lessons and skills you learned working with your host?

Ramey was the biggest winery that I have ever worked at and here I have seen and learned that it important to have a great relationship with your coworkers in order to have a good environment of work. I have also learned a lot about wine production and winemaking philosophies.

My favorite experience in the U.S. was my trip to San Francisco. It was a really nice city that I have always dreamed to visit. All the memories I have made here in the U.S. are unforgettable. The people that I meet and the places that I have seen will be forever in my heart. Thank you CAEP for helping make my travel possible.


Have your views of the United States changed after your experience?

I think that America is a great country with amazing people. I really liked the wines from here to. I was not expecting to be received the way that I was, but I am really glad to see how people in the United States are friendly. Another thing that I liked was to learn about

baseball; a sport that I haven’t known much of, but now I am a fan! I have also confirmed that America is the best place on earth to eat a good sandwich!

It’s been a really nice experience overall. I am really happy to be here, to be improving my English and learning a little bit more about the American culture.


Would you recommend CAEP to your friends and family back home?

I will totally recommend CAEP because without CAEP it is probably impossible to come work in the United States as easy as I have done. All the steps are clearly explained and the CAEP crew is always ready to answer your questions.

I think that all the memories I made here in the United States are unforgettable. The people that I met and the places that I’ve seen will be forever in my heart. Thank you CAEP for helping me to make that travel possible!


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