From Ireland to the USA, Meet CAEP Equine Intern Julie Edmondson

Meet Julie Edmondson, an Equine Veterinarian from Ireland currently immersed in a transformative equine internship at B.W Furlong and Associates in New Jersey. Julie’s journey reflects dedication and a pursuit of excellence from her early days in the saddle at age four to pursuing her passion for equine medicine at the University College Dublin, following in the footsteps of her uncle, Peter Edmondson.

Through this blog post, Julie opens the doors to her transformative internship experience, sharing invaluable insights and the adventures she embarked on beyond the clinic walls. Join us as we delve into Julie’s enriching journey, from equine care to cross-training adventures. This journey promises growth and learning opportunities for all equine veterinary students and recent graduates.

“I completed an externship at Furlong’s in the summer of 2022 and thrived on the experience,” Julie shared. “Subsequently, I was fortunate enough to be offered a rotating internship, as it is an exceptionally well-respected Equine Clinic and well-versed in all aspects of Equine practice, including surgery, medicine, reproduction, sports medicine, ambulatory practice, and much more. It was obviously a benefit that the practice was set up and is still owned by Dr. Brendan Furlong, who is also an Irish graduate from University College Dublin. I didn’t hesitate at the chance of the internship, as it is not an opportunity that would be available to me in Ireland.”

“The clinic’s ethos is familial and supportive. Whatever one’s special interest is, Furlongs is an ideal start for any young, Equine Veterinarian to develop their basic practical and communication skills. I am currently eight months through the twelve-month internship. I have learned a great deal and am fortunate to be in the program. I am confident that I will leave this internship with all the necessary skills for Equine practice.

Outside of my internship, I have made the best use of any leisure time by traveling to see new places. I have visited New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Costa Rica, and explored much of New Jersey besides. I have also been able to spend time with my American relatives.

I am also a very active person and love to exercise. I am a member of a CrossFit gym and am currently participating in my first open competitions. I have also started kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu with one of my friends from the clinic. I completed a half marathon in October last year with my amazing intern coordinator, Dr. Rachel Gardner, and competed in a Hunter pace with the Manhattan Riding Club.

Overall, the internship has condensed and fast-tracked my learning as a graduate. I am forever grateful for the advice and guidance from every one of the well-respected, experienced specialists at Furlong’s. Special thanks go out to Dr. Gardner and the Furlong family for making me feel at home, and especially to Dr. Brendan Furlong for giving me this opportunity.

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