Where Are They Now: Meet CAEP Alum Joab Malanda Osotsi

Every year at CAEP, we meet thousands of young and inspiring individuals from around the globe who are ready to pursue their passions all while learning, traveling and exploring new cultures. These young adults are fueled with motivation as they carry themselves through the world eager to foster new friendships, gain new skills, and pursue their future training. Although we are inspired by their stories and enthusiasm when they first arrive, it’s when an exchange visitor has completed his or her program that we truly step back and say, wow. We are touched by their stories, their dreams, their new goals, and their spirit for the future. Over several decades of connecting the world through agriculture, we have observed the CAEP program be utilized as a compass for the future, a stepping-stone in the journeys of so many; leading to great accomplishments and attainment. With great regards, Joab Malanda Osotsi from Kenya is an incredible example of this journey from exchange visitor to accomplished researcher.

“In 2017, I came to the US seeking further knowledge and skills in agriculture so that I could practice back in my home country, Kenya. During my time in the USA, I trained at the Pipestone System sow farms. Training in swine production has always been my ultimate goal. The current swine industry requires up-to-date skills and knowledge that can help increase production to feed the growing world population.

When I came to the US in January of 2017, I did not know anyone. Although, I have come to realize that the Pipestone System was a great choice for me and is the only place that has shaped my thinking and focus in relation to the swine industry. The farm crew was also very welcoming and was always ready to help me improve with my training. The training was very much tailored to help me face the challenges for pig farmers in Kenya.

During my time at the Pipestone System, I learned a great deal about all aspects of the swine industry including production management, fire and safety, biosecurity, health and disease control, production and scheduling. My host was very welcoming and helpful in terms of keeping me on the path of improvement.”

Joab’s time at the Pipestone system was the stepping stone he needed to achieve his next goal of attending graduate school and beyond. “I am currently a Masters’s student at the University of Debrecen in Hungary where I am pursuing a degree in agriculture. I also highly appreciate having trained at the Pipestone operation. The training I received from my host benefited me when applying for my Master’s degree. Since my time at the Pipestone operation, I have written, and published several research articles in peer-reviewed journals,” Joab shared.

In addition to receiving a large scholarship to attend graduate school, Joab recently had the opportunity to travel back to the United States where he was invited to present his research on swine production at a conference at the University of Minnesota. Joab was proud to share the CEO of the Pipestone System, Dr. Luke Minion was in attendance at the conference. “It was a great pleasure to reunite and connect with him. He is a very kind and grateful man,” Joab shared. “I was able to meet many researchers in the swine industry at the Allen D. Leman Swine Conference. The conference has shaped my research focus, indeed.”  Following the conference, Joab was more inspired than ever to continue his research and education journey.

“I have benefited a lot from the CAEP program. After leaving the United States in January of 2018, the training I got from CAEP helped me get a Master’s scholarship to study. I really thank CAEP so much. My research focus is on swine production and I hope to continue on to pursue my Doctorate. I would highly recommend anyone to apply for CAEP. CAEP training is hands-on education!


Joab pictured with the CEO of Pipestone System Dr. Luke Minion.