Spending Christmas Abroad-CAEP Trainees and Interns Share How They Celebrated The Holiday

This is my first Christmas away from home but definitely one of the best Christmas Eves I have ever had in my life. I spent Christmas Eve together with my co-trainees from Brazil and South Africa. This is such a wonderful and unforgettable experience I have had here in the USA! Thank you CAEP! {Aira Mae Tiquia is from the Philippines and is training at Mahoney’s Garden Center in Massachusetts}



My fellow trainees and I celebrated the Christmas holiday by sharing food from different countries and played fun games from each country, also. We also exchanged gifts with one another. We also then danced the night away learning different dances from each culture. {Jerry Lebuangen is from the Philippines and is training at Intergrow Greenhouses in New York}



I had a great Christmas in the USA! I went to church to pray to God and celebrated with my friends! I hung out with my host family, the Schroeder’s where we received gifts, ate and enjoyed the holiday. It was an amazing Christmas for me! {Rene Frantz is from Haiti and is training at Schroeder’s Flowers in Wisconsin}



I celebrated Christmas in San Francisco with friends of all different nationalities, including some from Argentina, Nicaragua, Cuba, Chile, and Americans. We each made a meal from our own country! The truth is that we had a very good time full of laughter and emotions! {Milenko Stusek is from Argentina and is training at Rombauer Vineyards in California}



During my holiday abroad, I met with my coworkers to share Christmas dinner and a good glass of wine. We are anxiously waiting for the big snow storm this week and to celebrate the new year. I am very grateful for CAEP and for this beautiful opportunity of professional training and to experience life abroad. My fellow trainees are from Mexico and Brazil and this Christmas I shared with them typical Christmas food from my home country Colombia. The tradition is to eat turkey and tamales. {Carlos Santiago Prada Lopez in from Colombia and is training at Pipestone Swine in Minnesota}



It was my first Christmas in the States and I have chosen to watch the Warriors and Lakers play! From the cellar to the Oracle Arena! It was a great day and I am ready to head back to the Cellar for another month of adventure! {Dario De Caro is from Italy and is training at Lancaster Estate in California}



On Christmas Eve we went to the church with my entire host family, had a big supper, and opened gifts. I received a beautiful jacket from my host so now I am ready when winter strikes! {Kim is from the Philippines and training at Eichner Hog Farm in Minnesota}