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If you refer ONE friend to CAEP Enology, you will receive a 50% refund on your CAEP Fees

If you refer TWO friends to CAEP Enology, you will receive a 75 % refund on you CAEP Fees

If you refer THREE Friends to CAEP Enology, you will be reimbursed for your CAEP Fees.


We are seeking applications for our 2013 CAEP Enology Wine Cellar Training Positions. Our United States Wine Cellar Training Programs give individuals the opportunity to have a genuine hands-on experience during the wine harvest in the United States. CAEP Wine Cellar Training Program host wineries provide a training plan that outlines what the Wine Cellar Training Program participant will be exposed to during their program.

Wine Cellar Training Program participants gain knowledge of the importance that cellar work has when it comes to making a great quality wine. Wine Cellar Training Program positions can be physically demanding, which involves heavy lifting, and requires long hours from the participant, especially during grape-pressing, or “crush” time.

Wine Cellar Training Program Duties:

  • Vineyard sampling
  • Sanitizing tanks
  • Receiving grapes
  • Crushing/de-stemming
  • Juice racking
  • Red pump-over
  • Stirring barrels
  • Punch downs
  • Additions
  • Emptying red fermenters
  • Learning to drain and shovel out tanks
  • Pressing
  • Barreling juice
  • Topping barrels
  • Racking wine
  • Wine filtration
  • Lees filtration

Skills to be learned on a Wine Cellar Training Program may include:

  • Identify different styles of wine
  • Identify major factors affecting wine quality
  • Identify and understand microorganisms – beneficial and detrimental
  • Identify barrel types and understand effects on wine
  • Understand functions of winery equipment
  • Understand the process of alcohol fermentation
  • Identify and perform wine filtration techniques
  • Identify and perform wine development and blending
  • Identify and carry out sanitation procedures
  • Identify and practice winery safety procedures – breathing apparatus, caustic products, and accident prevention



In order for you to receive the refund, 1) your friend(s) must qualify to participate in a CAEP Enology Program. 2) Your friend(s) must be successfully placed and complete the CAEP Enology Program. Once your friend(s) have successfully participated in a CAEP Enology Program, you will receive a refund on your CAEP fees.





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