A Journey of Growth and Innovation: Prajakta’s CAEP Winemaking Journey at Maryhill Winery

Meet CAEP Winery Intern Prajakta Gharge from India.

Prajakta embarked on an international winery journey and is currently honing her skills at Maryhill Winery in Washington, USA through the CAEP program. In her own words, Prajakta reflects on the enriching experiences and professional growth she has gained while in the winemaking world.

Crafting Quality Wines from Vine to Bottle

Prajakta’s journey at Maryhill Winery has been a hands-on exploration of the art and science of winemaking. Through her winery training, she has delved into lab work and the intricate production processes, allowing her to understand the delicate process of crafting quality wines. Her time in the vineyard has extended beyond the cellar, encompassing vineyard management and the intricate art of wine blending.

The winemaking journey isn’t without its challenges, and Prajakta has embraced the rewards and obstacles of adapting to seasonal variations. Her ability to make informed decisions in response to changing conditions has been refined, showcasing her resilience and adaptability in the face of the industry’s dynamic nature.

Collaboration and a Commitment to Continuous Learning

Engaging with colleagues and industry experts has been a cornerstone of Prajakta’s experience. “Engaging with colleagues and experts in the field has not only expanded my technical expertise but also enriched my understanding of the collaborative aspects inherent in producing exceptional wines,” Prajakta shared. “This comprehensive training experience has fueled my passion for winemaking and instilled a commitment to continuous learning and innovation within this captivating realm.”

Prajakta’s comprehensive training experience has fueled her passion for winemaking. It has instilled in her a commitment to continuous learning and innovation within this captivating realm. Her journey with CAEP has been transformative, opening doors to a world where each bottle tells a unique story.

In Prajakta’s own words, “My time with CAEP has been truly enriching, and I’m grateful for the valuable experiences it has offered. The support and opportunities provided have contributed significantly to my personal and professional growth. Thank you, CAEP, for this exceptional journey.”

As Prajakta continues to evolve in the winemaking world, her story is a testament to the transformative power of international agricultural exchange programs like CAEP. Her journey celebrates growth, innovation, and the shared passion for crafting exceptional wines that transcend borders.

If you are interested in traveling the world and growing your career in winemaking, message enoglogy@caep.org for more information, or visit our website www.caep.org to apply!


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