Meet Reymon Gurrea from the Philippines!

“Agriculture for me is the greatest foundation. However, agriculture nowadays is not being adopted by the new generation of Millenials.  As a young professional with a passion for farming, I joined CAEP to improve my knowledge and skills in farming. I joined CAEP not to just improve my personal perspective about agriculture but to also help improve agriculture in my home country the Philippines. With all the experiences, knowledge, and skills that I’ll learn from CAEP, I will help improve our farming systems by sharing it with other Filipino farmers.

I recommend CAEP to all aspiring agriculturist. This is one of your milestones when becoming a future agriculturist. And through this program, you will experience and gain knowledge that you haven’t experienced before. CAEP also helps you improve yourself in many aspects of life, especially gaining independence.”

Reymon Gurrea is from the Philippines and is completing a CAEP cultural exchange program in Wisconsin, USA! If you are interested in traveling the world, gaining hands-on experience, and learning about new agricultural technologies, visit our website to learn more!