Meet Rebeca Galduen from the Philippines

After studying agriculture at Nueva Vizcaya State University in her home country of the Philippines, Rebeca was ready to fulfill her dreams of experiencing life abroad all while having the opportunity to learn more in the field of agriculture.

Rebeca is completing her CAEP program at Bergen’s Nursery in Park Rapids, Minnesota. “As a grower, some of my daily duties was to water, fertilize, and apply pesticides. The best part of my entire experience was using technologies in the greenhouse,” Rebecca shared.

“The more I got to know other people’s culture, beliefs, personality, and life, the more I appreciated the unique beauty of every race. There is beauty in diversity!

Yes, I personally believe that I am a more improved version of myself. Stronger- physically emotionally, and mentally. I am a more mature, independent woman. Americans value every minute and second of their time. They smile at everyone.”

Rebeca says she felt the CAEP program was definitely worth it and that she would, of course, recommend the program to her friends and family back home. “The memories here are worth remembering for the rest of my life,” Rebeca shared.

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