Understanding the J-1 Visa

Visas are really complicated, which means that there is a lot of confusion about what visas are needed and how to go about obtaining one. We wanted to explain a little bit about the Training and Intern J-1 Visa to help everyone understand a little about this particular visa.

Some countries such as Australia and New Zealand have Working Holiday Visas that allow people to travel to Australia in order to work and travel for up to 12 months. It is a common misconception to think that the United State of America also has a Working Holiday Visa. Unfortunately, the United States doesn’t have a program that is equivalent to the Working Holiday Visas that Australia and New Zealand have. The J1 Summer Work and Travel (SWT) visa is similar to a Working Holiday Visa. The SWT Visa is a three month visa that allows individuals to work and then travel with a cultural emphasis but the visa must coincide with a University’s holiday break.

Another misconception is that people think the J-1 Visa is a work visa. The Training and Internship J-1 Visa is not a work visa, but is a training and intern visa. However, the training and intern positions through the J-1 visas are paid opportunities. The Training and Internship Visa allows you to come to the US, gain the necessary experience and culture to go back home with new skills that you can incorporate into your career.

The Training and Internship J-1 Visa requires both training and culture to be part of the experience. So there is an additional cost with the Training and Internship J1 Visas because J-1 programs are required to track the training progress and cultural component to insure that the requirements of the J-1 visas are met.

A third misconception is that you can get a J-1 Visa without a sponsor. This is not true. In order to get a Training and Internship J-1 Visa, you must apply with a designated sponsor, such as CAEP. It is impossible to get a J-1 Visa without a designated sponsor.

Visas can become very confusing, very quickly. It seems like almost every case has its own unique twist. But we love to help young adults experience the opportunity of a lifetime!



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