What Agriculture Means To You- Around The World Edition!

In celebration of National Ag Day, we asked our trainees and interns from around the globe what agriculture meant to them.


Cheila Biazuss, CAEP Horticulture Intern-Brazil
Cheila Biazuss, CAEP Horticulture Intern from Brazil

“Agriculture moves the world, the economy, and people! Agriculture feeds the world every day: A world starving for opportunity, jobs, incomes, fuel and energy. There are many challenges in the world of agriculture, but every day, we conserve and protect the soil. Through agriculture, we can change simple plants into good and nutritious foods, beautiful gardens, a solid economy and renewable energy. I can’t imagine a world without agriculture!”

Hugh Miller, CAEP Apiary Intern from Jamaica

“For me agriculture is life. When I run my hands through the soil and see the preparation of the land, I feel a great pleasure. The entire process of agriculture is a joy to me including selecting seeds and the process of nurturing the stages of development through germination. Further in my life, I got involved in apiary. Learning how much bees contribute to mankind and the food we eat, increased my love and appreciation for agriculture. Then to learn how our ancestors felt about and praised agriculture, secured my confidence I now hold to pursue agriculture as a career. In the words of American Founding Father Thomas Jefferson, “Agriculture . . . is our wisest pursuit, because in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals and happiness.”

Viktoriia Kologryva, CAEP Horticulture Inten from Ukraine
Viktoriia Kologryva, CAEP Horticulture Intern from Ukraine

“The practice of agriculture is very important to me because I enjoy growing and caring for plants! With my experience, I am sure to make a great contribution to agriculture in the future!”

CAEP Horticulture Intern, Jovanilson Prestes dos Santos from Brazil
CAEP Horticulture Intern, Jovanilson Prestes dos Santos from Brazil

“Agriculture takes courage, hard work, honesty, and  humility in order to put food on the table!”

Yevhenii Marchenko, CAEP Agriculture Trainee from Ukraine
Yevhenii Marchenko, CAEP Agriculture Trainee from Ukraine

“I think Agriculture is a cultivation of animals, plants and people. Agriculture takes hard work and responsibility. Farmers have to learn how to work with other farmers efficiently to get the job done on a timely manner. In the world of agriculture, tomorrow always could be too late as weather and markets change by the hour. Farmers use their time wisely. Farmers plant, grow, and raise crops to feed the hungry mouths of the world. We produce wheat, durum, barley, corn, soybeans, flax, sunflower, dry beans, canola, and peas. Our commodities are sold as whole products, finished products, or bi-products. The products are then shipped to buyers everywhere.

What agriculture means to me is to produce a safe, abundant supply of food to feed people in the world with the best use of the resources we have. I feel that I can make an improvement and impact in these processes because I am a part of them. Agriculture is a way of life and it’s my life. I firmly believe in the future of agriculture!”


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