Meet CAEP Agriculture Trainee, Karl from the Philippines

“It was my big dream since I was a kid to go abroad. I wanted to widen my perspective and see the different ways of life and cultures you may not have been previously aware of. I chose the swine program because I had been raising and selling pigs back home to assist my parents with tuition fees. I also chose the program because I love to take care of different farm animals.

I live with my co-trainees from Vietnam and the Philippines. My host immigrated to the United States from Poland in 1993. My host has taught us modern technologies and shares his knowledge and skill in the areas of swine production. Although my training is still going on, I have learned a lot especially about swine management, equipment safety, biosecurity, care and feeding, health management and modern technologies. My host has helped me increase my knowledge and skills in the areas of agriculture, especially in swine management.

I work in all parts of the farm all depending on the task given to us. My most common duty is to care for and feed the pigs. Monday is my most favorite day of the work- week because it is the first day to start in a week and it sets the mood in each one of us. Your momentum starts on Monday.

Farming is different in the United States compared to back home because the United States uses more advanced technologies compared to our country. I will share those technologies that I’ve learned when I return home to my country. US agriculture is the most advanced in the whole world; a great amount of agricultural land and the people here are kind-hearted and willing to help.

Aside from the farm work, I hang out with my co-trainees and the other full-time employees from the farm. My favorite experience in the United States was when I arrived at the airport. I realized when I stepped off the airplane that this was it; a new environment, nice people, a new journey and I will strive for excellence. I traveled to CAEP Fest and it was a very wonderful experience to meet other people from other countries, creating a sense of comradery.

I highly recommend CAEP to my family and friends. This is a great experience for them because it brings young adults together from all over the world to share and learn ideas, beliefs, and agricultural practices. America as a whole is AWESOME and CAEP is the BEST!”


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