Mauricio Pozzebon Travels the World with CAEP

After Mauricio Pozzebon graduated with a master’s degree in business management, he packed up his bags and traveled from his home country Brazil to Coon Rapids, Iowa to train on a hog farm.

“I knew I wanted to develop myself, travel and learn about a new culture. This is the best way to improve your skills and if you want to do something different, go beyond! This is the second time I’m traveling abroad with CAEP. In 2010, I traveled to Denmark with the agriculture program. Although, the USA hog farm is a great example of new technology and efficiency. When I go back to Brazil, I now have a great opportunity to apply my new knowledge.

I’m living in an apartment downtown Coon Rapids and I also have a roommate from the Philippines. My host is a great man. He always helps us and asks if everything is alright. He really takes care of our welfare. He has invited me for dinner and last Christmas was wonderful. My host and his wife came to our apartment and helped us decorate for the holiday. They also invited all of us trainees from the farm to go to their house for Christmas dinner.

My host is really involved with the program and he wants to teach us as much information as possible. I’ve been learning a lot about management, planning, and the best techniques to take care of pigs. All of my moments here in the USA are really unforgettable, although the opportunity to learn English is one of the best. Some of my daily activities include breeding and vaccinations and on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays we sell piglets.

Throughout my time on my CAEP programs, I have been to England, Italy, Germany, and have traveled across the USA. So far in the United States, I have visited Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle twice, and many others places throughout Iowa. My favorite part of the United States is the many different cultures that you can find here. I have also learned a lot of Spanish, too. I am truly traveling around the world through the CAEP program.

The CAEP program has provided a lot of opportunities for my career as this is the best way to develop your skills, travel around the world, and learn new languages. CAEP is not just a company, CAEP is a family.”


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