Born to Make a Difference, Meet Paschal Bakundukize from Tanzania

When Paschal joined the CAEP program, his hopes and dreams for his future and the future of his community were as high as the tallest mountain in Africa. Since completing his CAEP training program and returning home to Africa, he has made an incredible difference in the lives of so many.

“I wanted to join the CAEP program because of its superiority in recruiting graduates from all over the world; my goals were to help my country,” Paschal shared. 

Paschal trained at a swine operation in South Dakota, USA, where he gained experience with the most advanced farm technologies. His daily duties included cleaning pens, castration, breeding, feeding, vaccinations, and animal care. “The most important skills I learned was breeding using artificial insemination and castration. My training has helped me gain experience and confidence to help other people. My CAEP program was very important because it changed my perception about life, and was my stepping stone towards my destiny,” Paschal shared.

“When I was almost two years old, my father passed away. I was raised by my single mother, who taught me that although my earthly father has passed there is a heavenly father, God, who will always take care of us. Being desperately poor, I could still attend school, loved school, and was very happy to learn. Then one day in 2009, I was sent home from school because my family did not have the ability to pay ten US dollars, the tuition for the entire school year. I had to walk three hours to get home; I was very hungry and lost hope. I cried the whole day because I thought my education journey was ended.

One Samaritan knew I was out of school, and he decided to pay the ten US dollars for me, and I went back to school. Since then, God has been faithful in my life, and he put a passion in my heart for orphans, vulnerable children, and all children that need help.” Bakundukize, P. (n.d.). Founder. Laid Life Organization.

Since returning home to Africa, Paschal has established a Christian school for orphaned and vulnerable children. The school employs seven people and has over fifty students enrolled. “Our school is growing very fast; we hope to reach over 400 children within five years.” To read more about Paschal’s school or to make a donation, visit the school’s website: . 

“CAEP has given me the opportunity of a lifetime to help me, my family, community, and country. I recommend CAEP because of its professionalism with humanity; they treat all the participants in the program. There are no words for how I could thank CAEP for how they have helped me to be where I’m today. I pray for CAEP to be and continue to be a blessing in the world. They have changed my life completely.”