Drain Tile and Agriculture Technology: Meet Gilberto from Brazil

Agriculture technology and drain tile

During a CAEP program, you not only have the chance to gain hands-on experience and learn from experienced and successful leaders, but you have the opportunity to learn about all of the latest trends and technologies in the industry!

CAEP agriculture trainee Gilberto Fonseca Lima is test-driving new ideas and techniques that he will be able to take home and implement on his own farm. Through his day-to- day activities on the farm in Minnesota, Gilberto is learning skills that he would never have acquired in the classroom alone, such as improving productivity through the use of technologies such as drain tile.

“I’ve never seen this technology used back in my home country of Brazil. This was my first time learning about drainage technologies and having the opportunity to work with it. It was a great experience” Gilberto explained!

Drain tile is installed to remove excess water from the soil using a drainage plow pulled by a tractor. The process of installation is an intricate and detailed process requiring a great deal of knowledge and skill. Many factors play a role in the design and installation of drain tile including soil type, topography, and crop type.

“This is my third year back on the CAEP program and it has been interesting to recognize the beneficial impacts drain tile can have on a farming operation,” Gilberto said. “Last year we were unable to plant over 900 acres because it was too wet. And this year was the exact opposite. The fields were dry and in good condition to begin spring planting because of the drain tile we installed. I have seen first-hand the importance of using drain tile!”

To learn more about drain tile, check out this video. To learn how you too can have an experience like CAEP agriculture trainee Gilberto, visit our website caep.org.

Agriculture technology and drain tile

Agriculture technology and drain tile

Agriculture technology and drain tile

Agriculture technology and drain tileAgriculture technology and drain tile



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