That Internship Taught Me So Many Things in Life

Kenneth Rendora from the Philippines and a former CAEP Intern shared some special memories from his CAEP experience and an update on where he is now.

“That internship taught me so many things in life, putting my heart and passion into farming. I continually raised my bar to the highest standards and strive for the betterment of my career. Wherever I go, it’s so easy for me to find a job, and luckily I was hired as a supervisor for a lettuce and herb farm in the Philippines in 2020.

My journey to seek knowledge did not end there. During Christmas Eve, when everyone was busy celebrating the festive season, I was in front of my laptop sending applications to different universities around the globe for me to pursue my postgraduate studies. A few months passed, I was still receiving “love letters,” or should I say rejection letters for my application. And instead of losing hope, I kept on trying. On July 15, 2021(my birthday), I received an email confirming I received a fully-funded scholarship to study a postgraduate program in Horticultural Engineering (MSc) at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences (Szent Istvan University). This school was also the SAME university where my previous CAEP intern and farm supervisor, Ms. Judit Ender from The Chef’s Garden, studied for her bachelor’s degree. What a small world indeed!

I’m currently in my second semester, and in God’s Will, I will be receiving my second highest diploma next year.

I will forever be grateful to CAEP for giving me the opportunity to become an intern. Most especially to my CAEP coordinator Ms. Leila who was there throughout the process from day one until the end. My CAEP host, The Chef’s Garden, and especially the Jones family for their trust and my greenhouse supervisor David. He encouraged me to pursue my postgraduate studies and for the many recommendation letters, he wrote for me.

CAEP was and will always have a part in my heart. I am loud and proud to tell my current classmates that I was a CAEP intern and will recommend it to them. Once again, thank you so much. May CAEP continually help young generations.

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