As One Door Closes, Another Door Opens: Meet Enology Intern, Megan Zhou


When it comes to achieving her dreams of becoming a head winemaker, the sky is the limit for enology intern, Megan Zhou. Her determination has helped her persevere to new levels of her enology education, all while encompassing the globe. Her journey started in her home country of China where she did her first vintage. She then decided it was necessary to seek out additional training in order to gain the experience needed to achieve her lifelong goals. So Megan packed up and did her second vintage in New Zealand. Although, with two vintages under her belt, Megan was still looking for the well -rounded experience that would prepare her for the future and her career; so she contacted CAEP. “CAEP helped a lot on my trip to America, especially with my visa application. CAEP took my case and within a month, I was headed to America. I didn’t expect I could get it in that short time,” Megan explained.


Megan completed her internship at Chateau Bianca Winery in Oregon; learning from a fourth-generation winemaking family that has produced wines across the globe. “My goal was to gain work experience and a greater understanding of the entire wine making process, and I got it at Chateau Bianca,” Megan said with great excitement. “Chateau Bianca gave me the chance to work at almost all the levels of the wine making process. The winery was small, but they produce many varieties, and I have enjoyed working with the fine wines!”

“My host Andreas and his family have been great, and they helped me and the other trainees out a lot. Before I arrived at the vineyard, I asked my host, Andreas if I could try all of the positions in the winery–and he let me! I am so thankful for this.”

Megan lived with trainees from Canada, America, and England and had an enjoyable experience getting to know them. “It was really wonderful; they were very nice people. We talked every day and I now know a lot about the United Kingdom, America, and Canada!” After such a wonderful experience with her roommates, Megan hopes her next vintage will be in the United Kingdom!

“The small-town in Oregon was great and I am so glad I chose Oregon over California! We were able to explore all of the little towns around Salem. I also traveled to Los Angeles to visit a friend and explore the city after the vintage.”

Before Megan even completed her internship with Chateau Bianca, doors filled with opportunity were opening for her. She had interviews scheduled with wineries in Australia and New Zealand. “My experience at Chateau Bianca Winery helped a lot! Thank you, guys so much!”







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